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As a professional EVA lamination film manufacturer in China mainland, we had successfully developed our outdoor grade super clear EVA film for outdoor building safety glass and architecture safety glass, and come to meet the need of market and requirement of new standard – safety, comfort, and environmental.

After more than 10 years development and improvements, our super clear EVA film had been the first choice for making safety laminated glass. Because our film can make the glass to be: safety, anti-explosion,reducing noise,sunlight control,and color fading-resistance, etc. The outdoor grade super clear EVA film is specially developed to meet today’s architecture demands. It will become more and more popular because of better stability, longer useful time and excellent weather-resistance.

1) Size of outdoor grade EVA film as below:

Thickness: 0.38mm,0.76mm  Width: We can make max width 2500mm

Length: 50m or 100m   Color: Super Clear

Here below is our standard size:






Super Clear



Super Clear


Special size can be customized.

2) Performance.

---The film will not change color for at least more than 15years.

---Our safety EVA lamination film can absorb 99% UV ray radiation

---High light transmittance >91.5%

---High tensile strength, good impact resistance.

---Super water resistance and weathering resistance performance. It can be applied in outdoor long-time with no de-lamination and cracks.

3) Application.

The outdoor grade super clear EVA film is specially developed to meet the requirement of today’s architecture industry. It is widely used in outdoor application like Curtain Wall; Automobile glasses; Bullet-proof glasses; skylight; doors and windows and other outdoor decorations etc.