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Silicone bag is also called vacuum bag. Made of silicone rubber material, it is highly essential in glass lamination, help to pump out the air between glass and EVA film, will fix the two glass on the right position to avoid the error. Besides, after fixing the glass, it is useful for the glue adhesion when the EVA film start to melt.  It is high heat-resistance and tear-resistance . Each bag includes silicone sheet, silicone seal and nozzle, also the tube.

Product specification:

1) Common thickness: 2mm,3mm

2) Maximum width: 4000mm without any joints

3) Any length

4) Common color: milky white,blue,green etc


1)It is high anti~tearing, able to bear high temperature.

2)It is high flexible, inertia sufferance to avoid mucosity, bear oil & aging. It is soft material which is best suitable for hard glass, ensuring glass not bent and break in high temperature .

3)Connecting vacuum pump,pump out the air and keep air pressure well in lamination.

4)A whole set includes the nozzle, tube, silicone sheet, Sealing strips .

5) At least 2 years service time .