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Home>EVA Lamination Film>Heat Resistance Teflon Mesh

Teflon Mesh is called PTFE coated glass fiber meshcan be put inside silicone vacuum bag during the lamination safety glass with our EVA safety film.

Here below is the most popular size of the teflon mesh:

thickness: 0.2-1.2mm; width: 300-4200mm

mesh size: 1-10mm, square (4×4mm, 1×1mm, etc.)

color:  coffee,

Main capability and characteristics: 

1). It can be used under the temperature of -196°C to 300°C, which has the capability of weather resistant and age resistant.

. Hardly to adhere any material; it is easy to wash away the blot or other dust such as resin, coating material, etc. 

3). Chemical corrosion resistant, it could resist acid, alkali, aqua fortis and various kinds of organic liquid corrosion; 

4). Resisting impotence caused by bend, and it could be used on smaller tread; 

5). Capability of breathe freely, the rate of breathe of the mesh which reduce the consuming of heat and increase the efficiency of drying.

If you use the Teflon mesh, it will help the following:

1) Helping vacuuming, avoiding congesting valves hoses and clogging vacuuming

2) Protecting silicone blankets from sharp glass edges and EVA overflowed remains